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About Dr. Dansereau aka Suzanne


I am a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School and the Mid-Michigan Regional  Family Practice Residency Program.  I have been Board Certified in Family Medicine for over 20 years.  Upon completion of residency I moved to rural Kentucky where I worked in traditional western outpatient clinics.  I completed the Helms Acupuncture for Physicians  course sponsored by UCLA  school of medicine in 2006.  I  began an afterhours acupuncture clinic at that time.  Wanting to delve more deeply into the world of Chinese Medicine, I enrolled in the 4 year program at Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Sugar Grove, NC from which I graduated in August 2013.  During this time my family and I moved to Weaverville NC, just outside of Asheville.  After passing a series of exams,  I became a board certified diplomat of the NCCAOM and obtained a NC Acupuncture License in the Fall of 2013 .  Although I do not promote myself  as an herbalist I have completed the short course "Essentials of Chinese Herbal Medicine" by Michael Arnold MD.  I also was involved in an effort in Kentucky to establish a medicinal herb growing cooperative as an economic alternative to mining coal, thereby gaining a small amount of knowledge of some native Appalachian medicinal herbs.  I am a student of taiji, humbly acknowledging that the path of healing patients involves the path of healing and finding wholeness in myself as well.

picture of Dr. Dansereau/Suzanne outside in front of trees
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