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Patient Testimonials 

“I had already decided to try going off the statin drug and the prescription anti-inflammatory prescribed by my internist for the eight years prior when I came to Dr. Dansereau. I hoped that she would be able to help me find an alternate way of reducing my cholesterol and ridding my body of persistant aches and pains without the need of medication. What Dr. Dansereau has given me in fewer than ten sessions is a whole new approach to health and wellness.

Dr. Dansereau displays a gentle and mindful approach to the total health of her patients in mind, body, and spirit. She compassionately takes the time needed with each of her patients to really listen to and respond to their needs as individuals. She works professionally and is always concerned with the comfort of her patients. With her knowledge of acupuncture, nutrition and supplement recommendations, I have seen my total cholesterol numbers improve and the need for any kind of anti-inflammatory, prescription, or over-the-counter, completely vanish. Dr. Dansereau has blessed me with the guidance and support that I have needed to enjoy a greater sense of well-being through stress reduction, and the emotional space to see the limitless potential for optimal health.”    

V.W. age 58 . Corbin, KY

I have been seeing Dr. Dansereau for about 10 years.  I feel my overall health has improved and considering that I am now 10 years older (69) I feel that is a strong statement.  Acupuncture for me means a feeling of well-being and calmness I have not experienced before.  Dr. Dansereau is extremely knowledgeable and a gifted healer.  She addresses a variety of issues and I have benefited a great deal from her acupuncture treatments.

S.P.  Barbourville, KY

" I  am a 49 year old woman who is going through menopause.  The healing and therapy I am receiving from Dr. Dansereau is beyond understanding.  The whole process has has been a great experience.  People who are skeptical about this kind of treatment  should know  that there is nothing to fear.  They should try acupuncture!  Dr. Dansereau makes it very affordable and she will work with you no matter what your circumstances are."

L.S. Weaverville, NC

"I am a 18 year old college student.  I have visited Dr. Dansereau many times for my health needs and she has delivered 100% of the time.  Usually I see her for cold and flu type problems, or sinus issues or a stomach bug.  I recover quickly from these ailments after visiting Dr. Dansereau.  I would recommend that you see her for all your health needs both serious and minor."

G.W.D.  Weaverville, NC

I have been seeing Dr. Dansereau for almost a year.  She is very professional, compassionate and thorough in her assessment and treatment.  She treats the entire patient- body, mind, and spirit.  She listens to what I have to say each time I see her.  She answers my questions and discusses her plan to see if it coincides with my goal that day.  Throughout the visit she shows concern for my comfort and peace of mind.  She gives individualized attention and never rushes through a session.  She always recommends additional reading for me to help myself reach optimum health.  With her help I am healing my gut, working on my thyroid, moving through perimenopause, and toward a more balanced life without pharmaceuticals.  Her natural approach to a well life is exactly what I was looking for.  I highly recommend Dr. Dansereau!!

J.L.  London, KY

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