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Therapeutic  Techniques

Acupuncture: involves insertion of fine gauge sterile single use needles into specific points on the body.  This is done to balance the energies of the body.

Moxabustion: involves lighting moxa (Mugwort) in its various forms to  heat or tonify various points on the body.

Gua Sha: involves gently scraping the skin with a tool, which could be a chinese soup spoon, to release stagnation from an area to open it up.

Fire Cupping: involves placing glass cups onto the skin  into which a flame has been put to create a negative vacuum.  The result is a pinching up of the skin to release  stagnation which allows smooth flow of qi through the area, and consequently assists in the healing process.


Dr. Dansereau's diverse background allows her to run an integrative clinic.  However, her greater love lies in Eastern Medicine so when she practices she typically "thinks" in terms of Classical Chinese Medicine, although she will slip out of that mode if necessary.   In addition to general counseling and health advice she offers the therapeutic techniques  listed below.  Her western background allows her to speak to you about your western diagnoses, labs, medications etc that you may bring in from outside sources.  She can help you decide what is the best approach for you to take for your particular problem.  This may include advice to seek care elsewhere.  Please note that this is a simple clinic without the personnel to handle the bustling activities of a more traditional western health facility.  Medication is not prescribed here.


 Services, Therapies, and Practices 

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